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Since the inception of the electric vehicle in 1996, a total of 5,803,917 hybrid electric automobiles and sport utility vehicles have been sold in the country! The industry has made great strides in both alternative fuel and electric vehicle manufacturing. Recently, significant emphasis has been placed on working towards eliminating dependence on petroleum and protecting the environment. Major vehicle manufacturing companies have made commitments to have all electric vehicles in their fleet as early as 2025. The increased production and commitment to electric automobiles by major manufacturers provide employment opportunities in various positions throughout the industry.

Automotive repair professionals need to have up-to-date technical information at their command. The Electronic Vehicle Technician certificate prepares students to be proficient technicians in both basic automobile technology and electronic vehicle components. The certificate combines in-depth theory with extensive practical training in a well-equipped lab with state-of-the-art training equipment and curriculum developed in collaboration Switch Lab.

The certificate can easily be completed in conjunction with the Automotive Technology Associate in Applied Science degree, providing versatile skill sets to enhance a graduate’s career prospects. Upon graduation, students are prepared to apply for positions as service technicians, but can also enter careers in sales, parts, and management.

Students are required to spend an additional $1800-$3500 for tools and uniforms.

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