Driver Education Instructor

Degree Type

The Driver Education Instructor certificate prepares students to become Certified Driver Education Instructors in the State of New Hampshire. The courses for this certificate review the rules of the road and cover the methodology instructors use to teach a driver education course. Instructors need a clean driving record, a clean criminal record, and knowledge of NH driving laws. The first step to becoming a certified instructor is to obtain Provisional Certification. Students may apply for Provisional Certification after completing the first three courses of the certificate. For them to be considered, the state has additional requirements (including, but not limited to, possession of a valid driver’s license, evidence of a minimum of five consecutive years of licensed driving experience, a good character, a solid reputation, and a fitness to instruct driver education). Provisional Certification is obtained at the Division of Motor Vehicles in Concord, NH, through both a written and driving examination. Provisional Certification allows instructors to teach under supervision at a certified driving school or high school. During the two-year provisional certificate, students must complete five additional courses, which include 60 hours of supervised classroom instruction and 240 hours of supervised behind-the-wheel instruction.

The bullets listed below do not preclude one from enrolling in the Driver Education Instructor certificate. Without these items, students may enroll in DEDI101W, DEDI103W, and DEDI105W. Afterwards, students are blocked from enrolling into the remaining courses until they have provided the appropriate documentation. 

DEDI101W, DEDI103W, and DEDI105W are offered Fall, Spring, and Summer at WMCC.

Applicants must:

  • Have 5 years of consecutive driving experience
  • Obtain NH Criminal Background Check
  • Obtain Certified Motor Vehicle Driver Record
Total Credits