Withdrawal from the College

Withdrawing from WMCC is a serious step. Students should discuss this process with their instructors and their academic advisors and are encouraged to also discuss this process with the Student Financial Services Office.

To withdraw from the College, a student must complete the Withdrawal Form. Failure to attend classes does not constitute withdrawal from the College. Students may receive a grade of administrative failure, however, because of excessive absences.

Students may withdraw from WMCC up to one week before the end of the semester. The date of withdrawal is noted on the students’ academic college records, which also reflect the most recent date of class attendance for students receiving scholarships, veteran’s benefits, Title IV financial aid, or other awards that have special attendance requirements.

Academic records are treated according to the standards used for dropping individual courses.

A student who has withdrawn from the College or who has been suspended may apply for readmission through the Admissions Office.