Student Status

A matriculated student is one who has been admitted to a program (degree or certificate) at the College. Matriculated students are entitled to participate in the Title IV Federal Financial Aid Program and have priority when registering for classes with limited enrollment. To remain matriculated, a student must register for and enroll in at least one course during the academic year (not to exceed a twelve-month period). A student who does not register for at least one course per academic year loses matriculated status. A student who chooses to resume matriculated status must reapply for admission to a program. A student who begins a second program at the College may have to satisfy different program requirements.

A non-matriculated student is one who has not been admitted to a program at the College and may register on a first-come, first-served basis for any course, provided that the student has met prerequisites and that there is space available. Non-matriculated students should matriculate before completing nine semester hours and should begin pursuing graduation requirements. Advisors help students make these decisions.

If a matriculated student will not be taking courses within one academic year (not to exceed a twelve-month period) but wishes to remain on matriculated status, that student may request in writing a leave of absence through the Academic Affairs Office. After a leave of one academic year, the student must either register for at least one course or lose matriculated status, thereby requiring reapplication and admission.

Enrollment status is defined according to the number of credits a student takes during a semester and is used to determine financial aid awards.

Credits awarded for transfer, work experience, audits, and challenge exams do not count toward the determination of full-time status. It is important to know that full-time status is the equivalent of twelve or more credit hours.

Full-time 12 or more credits
Three-quarter time 9-11 credits
One-half time 6-8 credits

A student must register for twelve or more credit hours to qualify for full-time status for financial aid, veteran’s ben- efits, insurance discounts, and the like.