Repeat Courses

For one time only, financial aid will cover a repeated course that a student previously passed and paid for with financial aid funds. In this case, “passedmeans any grade higher than an F, regardless of any college or program policy requiring a higher qualitative grade.

Students may receive financial aid for courses they retake after having failed or withdrawn from them the first time. However, if they pass a course the first time and then retake it with the benefit of financial aid the second time, the following condition applies: if the student fails or withdraws from the course the second time, that failure constitutes a paid retake, and thus, the student may not receive financial aid for taking the course a third time.

Credit for a course can be earned only one time. Only the most recent attempt of the repeated course is counted in the cumulative GPA and the quantitative earned credits. Attempted credits are always part of the quantitative calculation.

If a program of study requires a student to retake all the coursework for a semester in which the student has failed a course, any retaken course that the student originally passed is not eligible for Title IV aid.