Online/Hyflex Education

WMCC offers many of its courses online using a web-based delivery system. Online courses can be synchronous or asynchronous, the latter allowing students to study at times that fit their schedule. In addition, some courses utilize a hyflex modality, allowing students to participate in person, synchronous, or asynchronous anytime throughout the semester.

Modality Terminology

Asynchronous: Courses are delivered 100% online. There is no set day or time to meet for class. Content is delivered online, and assignments must be submitted by the due date.
Bimodal: Students are free to attend on-campus or remote synchronously through Zoom. The course takes place at the campus listed on the course schedule.
Hybrid: Courses are delivered face to face with supplemental synchronous or asynchronous material delivery. Students are expected to attend class at the listed location, day(s), and time(s). 
Hyflex: Courses are hybrid and flexible. Students are able to choose between attending face to face, remote synchronously or asynchronously. The face to face component of the course will take place at the location listed on the course schedule. 
Remote Synchronous: Courses are delivered through Zoom. Students are expected to attend class remotely at the listed day(s)/time(s).