LANG181W: Spanish I

Lecture Hours 3 Lab Hours 0 Credits 3

Spanish I develops the students’ fundamental ability to both comprehend and converse in Spanish. It introduces early reading and writing skills and acquaints students with the customs and cultures of the Spanish-speaking world.

Effective Fall 2023: this is a CCSNH Access course and will display on transcripts, count as credits attempted, and count towards the cumulative grade point average for all seven colleges: Great Bay, Lakes Region, Manchester, Nashua, NHTI, River Valley, and White Mountains. Students cannot receive credit for more than one of the CCSNH Access courses or equivalents and the most recent course on the college transcript will be used in the cumulative grade point average (CGPA) calculation. For graduation residency purposes, only home campus Access courses will be used. 

  • GBCC’s SPAN110G (SPAN110G)
  • LRCC’s SPAN120L (SPAN120L, SPAN1200L, LSPA1200, LHUM1810)
  • MCC’s SPAN110M (SPAN110M, SPAN110)
  • NCC’s SPAN105N (SPAN105N, LNGN105)
  • NHTI’s SPAN111C (SPAN111C, FL120, FL111)
  • RVCC’s LANG105R (LANG105R, LNGN105, LNGK105, LNGC105)
  • WMCC’s LANG181W (LANG181W, HUMA181W)