Graduation Requirements

Each program at WMCC has a list of required program outcomes. Students are awarded associate degrees and certificates after having completed academic requirements and demonstrated competence in the required outcomes.

To be eligible for graduation, students must:

  1. Satisfactorily complete each requirement in their academic program.
  2. Fulfill the minimum credit requirement in their academic program.
  3. Earn a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher.
  4. Meet all obligations to the College, including payment of all fees.
  5. File the Intent to Graduate form with the Registrar (students should check Intent to Graduate form for submission deadline).

To graduate, students have the primary responsibility of ensuring that they meet associate degree or certificate requirements. Each semester, students are to initiate at least one meeting with their faculty advisor to ensure that they have or will have met all the requirements for graduation by the intended time of graduation.