FRST101W: Dendrology and Introduction to Tree and Shrub Identification

Dendrology is the study of trees and other woody plants. In Dendrology and Introduction to Tree and Shrub Identification, students learn the taxonomy, geographic range, natural history, ecological relationships, and uses of major tree and shrub families found in New England. Laboratory work focuses on the morphology and classification of common New England trees and shrubs. In the field, the emphasis is on identification.

FRST205W: Forestry Resources

Forestry Resources introduces students to a wide range of issues that forests face in a changing climate with a growing human population. These interactions between humans and forests are extensive. Humans place significant pressures on forest resources, expecting many services in return. This course explores these interactions and other forestry-related topics, including distribution and forest ecology, silvics and forest management, and ecosystem services. This course also addresses alternative uses for forests and solutions to forestry-related issues.