ECE219W: Early Childhood Education Practicum

Lecture Hours 2 Lab Hours 6 Credits 4
Early Childhood Education Practicum is an in-depth field study of the practical daily operation of ECE programs, including program organization, physical setting, adult/child interaction, and curriculum instruction. It offers students an opportunity for onsite practice in either a preschool program (children 3 to 5 years old) or infant/toddler program (birth to 3 years old). Learning objectives and activities are based on students' portfolios and are established through weekly seminars. Students work directly with children to develop and document strong skills in (1) developing and monitoring a classroom-management program, including establishing smooth routines and transitions, (2) fostering learning, including giving lessons and assessing progress, and (3) record keeping, including communicating with parents. Students must attend class for fifteen hours and observe/work in an ECE approved setting for ninety hours. To register, students must be First Aid and CPR certified. Fingerprinting and background checks are required by the approved facility.