Delinquent Accounts

An account becomes delinquent when a student fails to make payments as scheduled. Under such cases, a letter is sent informing the student that payment must be made within fourteen calendar days from the date of the letter. If payment is not made within those fourteen days, the student’s account is referred to Recovery Select, the College’s billing service for collection. Recovery Select then notifies the student by letter indicating that either payment or arrangements must be made within fourteen days to settle the delinquent account. Failure to make payment or arrangements within those fourteen days results in the account being turned over to an outside collection agency, who will notify credit agencies of the delinquent account. The student is then responsible for payment of fees of any collection agency, fees that may be based on a percentage of the debt up to a maximum of 35%. All additional costs and expenses, including any protested check fees, court-filing costs, and reasonable attorney’s fees, will add significantly to the student’s account balance.

A student who fails to make payment as scheduled is allowed to finish the course but will not receive an official transcript, certificate, or degree until the delinquency is resolved. Furthermore, the student may not register for future terms at the College and may be restricted from registering at other colleges within CCSNH. Once payment is made, the student is allowed to register for future classes. However, students may be required to make full payment of all tuition and fees for any new classes before the semester begins.