CULA243W: Advanced Showpieces, Cakes, Plated Desserts, and Practicum

Lecture Hours 1 Lab Hours 15 Credits 6

In Advanced Showpieces, Cakes, Plated Desserts, and Practicum, the semester begins with students focusing on the creation of edible centerpieces utilizing pastillage, pulled, blown, and poured sugar. Some of the centerpiece techniques are then utilized in the finishing of multi-tiered occasion cakes as the course focus switches towards more advanced cake decorating skills such as those utilized in wedding and occasion cakes. During the second half of the semester, students again focus on the service and production of plated desserts, a focus that allows for a review of many the techniques and methods that will be addressed in the baking practicum. The baking and pastry practicum assesses each student’s ability to use the most important baking techniques covered during the entire program. Students must demonstrate proficiency in each of the three focus areas and pass the practicum to successfully complete this course.