CULA124W: Baking Fundamentals, Introduction to Cakes, and Plated Desserts

Lecture Hours 1 Lab Hours 15 Credits 6

The baking fundamentals section of this course covers quick and yeast breads at an introductory level. After which, students prepare a variety of pastry items, including cookies, pies, tarts, phyllo, sweet doughs, and laminated doughs.  Students also prepare meringues, pastry cream, and other fillings. The fundamentals focus area of this course provides a basis for more advanced bakery techniques that follow in the second half of the semester. Students become familiar with conversions, weights and measures, and bakeshop equipment related to production. Upon completion of the baking fundamentals focus area, students learn methods and techniques to mix and bake cakes that will be decorated with various frostings and icings. This course culminates with students learning to prepare dessert sauces and pastries, which are served to the public in a restaurant style setting. Students must demonstrate proficiency in each of the four focus areas to successfully complete this course.