Credit for Prior Learning Policy

The following are important considerations prior to pursuing credit for prior learning (CPL):

  • Students are responsible for submitting a completed CPL Request Form and must provide the College with timely official documentation, score reports, and/or transcripts before any credits will be evaluated or awarded. 
  • In order to be eligible to earn credit for prior learning, students must be enrolled at WMCC, and the credit must be applicable to students’ declared certificate or degree program.
  • Credits earned will not apply to a student's Grade Point Average (GPA), nor will they satisfy WMCC’s residency requirements. All students must earn a minimum of 25% of all credits required for any degree or certificate through successful completion of WMCC courses.
  • A reduction in course load could potentially impact financial aid if lessening the number of courses taken in a single semester results in a change of full-time student status.
  • Credits earned for prior learning granted by WMCC are not guaranteed to be recognized by other colleges students may want to transfer to for four-year degree completion. Students are advised to contact those institutions directly to determine eligibility for transfer.