Credit by Credential

Military Education and Training
Students who are active duty or retired military may earn credit hours applied to their degree or certificate program for their military training and experience. Credit may be awarded in accordance with the American Council on Education (ACE)'s recommendations, which can be found in the online ACE Military Guide at Students who are interested in having their military training and experience evaluated for credit should submit the CPL Request Form to the Admissions Office and must log in to the Joint Services Transcript website ( to request an official Joint Services Transcript be sent directly to the Admissions Office for credential review.

Active-Duty military personnel are also eligible for free CLEP and DSST subject area exams (described in detail in the Credit by Examination section). To take advantage of these free pathways toward college credit, you can find more information at 

Professional Licensure or Certification
Students who possess professional licensures or industry certifications may be awarded credit for prior learning through department and College approved credit equivalencies outlined in our Credit By Credential Crosswalk. Students who are interested in earning credit for a professional licensure or certification listed on the Credit By Credential Crosswalk should submit the CPL Request Form and official records of professional licensure or industry certification to the Admissions Office.