College Directory

Community College System Board of Trustees

Katharine Bogle Shields, Chairperson
Robert Baines, Vice Chairperson
Alison Stebbins, Treasurer
Edwin Smith, Secretary
Paul Holloway, Past Chair
Bryant Abbott
Richard Ackerman
Loretta Blackwell
Jack Calhoun
Darrin Daniels
Gregory Eastman
Tiler Eaton
Stephen Ellis
Todd Emmons
Sharon Harris
Richard Heath
Donnalee Lozeau
Tricia Lucas, Esq.
Hollie Noveletsky
Kelly Pilotte
Steve Rothenberg
Steven Slovenski
John Stevens

Dr. Mark Rubinstein

Dr. Charles Lloyd
B.S., Keene State College; M.Ed., CAGS, Plymouth State University; Ed.D., Northeastern University.

Dr. Kristen Miller
Vice President of Academic Affairs
B.A., Sonoma State University; MSEd., University of New England; Ed.D., Capella University.

Dr. Mark Desmarais
Vice President of Student Affairs
B.A., University of New Hampshire, M.Ed., CAGS, Ed.D, Plymouth State University.

Melanie Robbins
Director of Academic Centers
B.A., University of Vermont.

Gretchen Taillon
Human Resources Officer
Assistant to the President

Human Resources Management Certificate, Nashua Community College.

Dr. John Achorn
Professor of English
Department Chair of Arts, Humanities, Communication, and Design
Program Coordinator of Liberal Arts and Library Technology
A.B., Dartmouth College; M.A., University of New Hampshire; Ph.D., University of Toronto.

Dr. Bonnie Akerman
Professor of Health Science
Program Coordinator of Health Science

B.S., University of Massachusetts; M.Ed., Capella University; Ph.D., Dartmouth Medical School.

Sarah Baillargeon
Professor of Nursing
Program Coordinator of Nursing
A.S.N., Great Bend Community College; B.S.N., M.S.N., University of Phoenix.

Rachel Dandeneau
Associate Professor of Environmental Science
Department Chair of STEM and Advanced Manufacturing
Program Coordinator of Environmental Science
A.S., White Mountains Community College, B.S., Lyndon State College, M.S., Plymouth State University.

Sabrina Delorge
Professor of Nursing
A.S., New Hampshire Community Technical College-Berlin; B.S., University of Maine; M.S.N., Walden University.

John Foy
Associate Professor of Diesel Heavy Equipment Technology
B.A., University of California at Santa Barbara.

Travis Giles
Associate Professor of Culinary Arts
Department Chairs of Hospitality and Culinary
Program Coordinator of Culinary Arts

A.A.S., New Hampshire Community Technical College-Berlin.

John Holt
Professor of STEM and Advanced Manufacturing
B.S., University of New Hampshire; M.S., Boston University.

Troy Lachance
Associate Professor of Automotive Technology
Program Coordinator of Automotive Technology

A.A.S., New Hampshire Technical College-Berlin.

Emily MacDonald
Professor of Nursing
B.S.N., Fitchburg State College; M.S.N., University of Rhode Island.

Ann Morin
Professor of Nursing
A.S.N., White Mountains Community College; B.S.N., Independence University, M.S.N., Capella University.

Jonathan Mullins
Associate Professor of Advanced Welding Technology
Program Coordinator of Advanced Welding Technology and Pipe Welding
A.S., Manchester Community College.

Paul Mundell
Instructor of Commercial Driver Training
Program Coordinator of Commercial Driver Training

CDL Certification; Driver Education Certification, Keene State College.

Stephanie Norton
Professor of Nursing
B.A., Notre Dame College; M.S.N., CNL, University of New Hampshire; D.N.P, Regis College. 

Nikolaus Nutting
Assistant Professor of Accounting and Business
Department Chair of Business
Program Coordinator of Accounting and Business Administration
B.S., University of New Hampshire; M.B.A., Southern New Hampshire University.

Dr. Mary Orff
Professor of Science
Department Chair of Health Sciences and Services
Program Coordinator of Veterinary Assistant
B.S.A., D.V.M., University of Georgia.

Michael Pike
Assistant Professor of Advanced Welding Technology
American Welding Society Certification; American Society of Mechanical Engineers Certification.

Marc Pouliot
Assistant Professor of Diesel Heavy Equipment Technology
Program Coordinator of Diesel Heavy Equipment Technology
A.S., New Hampshire Technical College-Berlin.

Beth Satter
Professor of Nursing
A.D.N., New Hampshire Community Technical College-Berlin; B.S.N., University of Maine at Fort Kent; M.S., University of Wyoming.

Robin Scott
Professor of Education
Department Chair of Social, Educational, and Behavioral Science
Program Coordinator of Career and Technical Education, NH Professional Education Competencies, Special Education, and Teacher Education
A.A., B.S., College for Lifelong Learning; M.Ed., Plymouth State University; L.M.S., Phoenix Online.

Gregory Worthen
Associate Professor of Baking and Pastry Arts
Program Coordinator of Baking and Pastry Arts
A.O.S., Culinary Institute of America; Certified Working Pastry Chef, American Culinary Federation.

Support Services

Amanda Caron
Executive Secretary
A.S., University of Phoenix; B.A., Granite State College.

Cari Perreault
Administrative Secretary
A.S., White Mountains Community College; B.A., Southern New Hampshire University; M.S., Granite State College.

Jane Crosby
Littleton Academic Center Assistant
B.S., Keene State College.

Alan Derrington
Building Service Worker
CDL Certification, White Mountains Community College.

Rae-Allyn Paddleford
Littleton Academic Center Assistant/Enrollment Specialist
A.S., New Hampshire Community Technical College-Berlin.

Dana Stark
Facilities Supervisor

Ellen St. Cyr
Littleton Academic Center Assistant

Denise Feil
North Conway Academic Center Assistant
B.A., St. Anselm College.

Christopher Lalmond
North Conway Academic Center Assistant/Enrollment Specialist
B.A., Southern New Hampshire University. 

Stacy Couture
Program Coordinator of Human Services
A.A., Greenfield Community College; B.S., University of Phoenix; M.Ed., Grand Canyon University.

Michael Doucette
Program Coordinator of Driver Education Instructor
Driver Education Instructor Certification, Keene State College.

Karen Edwards
Program Assistant of Medical Assistant and Medical Coding
A.A., Saint Charles Community College.

Mark Fahlbeck
Program Coordinator of Massage Therapy
B.S., Granite State College.

Donna Hart
Program Coordinator of Early Childhood Education and Early Childhood Education Associate Teacher Credential
B.S., M.S., Southern Connecticut State University; CAGS, Plymouth State University; SAIF Certification, Rivier College.

Jennifer Lemoine
Program Coordinator of Criminal Justice and Entry-Level Criminal Justice
A.S., New Hampshire Technical Institute; B.S., Granite State College.

Wayne Saunders
Program Coordinator of Conservation Law Enforcement
Law Enforcement Certification, NH Police Academy; Park Ranger Law Enforcement Certification, Southwestern Community College; A.A.S., SUNY Cobleskill.

Lynne Bacon
Coordinator of Accessibility Services
B.A., Vermont College; M.Ed., Plymouth State University.

Maurice Ahearn
Admissions Representative/Enrollment Specialist
A.A., Granite State College.

Amanda Gaeb
Enrollment Counselor
B.A., St. Joseph's College; M.Ed., University of New Hampshire.

Christine Grant
Coordinator of Enrollment Services and Marketing
B.S., Springfield College; MSEd., University of New England.

Jamie Rivard
Student Services Assistant
A.A.S., New Hampshire Community Technical College-Berlin.

Kara Gendron

Melissa Cote
Bookstore Manager

Brenda MacDonald
Business Office Accountant
A.A.S., New Hampshire Technical College-Berlin.

Cynthia MacKay
Stock Clerk

Jeff Swayze
College Counselor
M.Div – Clinical Pastoral Education, Nashotah House.

Colbie Ayotte
Human Resources/President's Office Assistant
B.A., University of New Hampshire.

William Tumbarello
Welding Program Lab Assistant
Certificate, Wentworth Institute of Technology.

Denise Bergeron
Library Technician
A.A.S., New Hampshire Community Technical College-Berlin.

Melissa Laplante
Director of Library Services
B.S., University of New Hampshire; M.L.I.S., Simmons College.

Joseph Agrodnia
Building Service Worker
A.S., New Hampshire Community Technical College-Berlin.

Gary Biggart
Building and Grounds Utility Worker

Karl Couture
Building Service Worker

Kurt Guerin
Facilities Technician

Scott Locke
Facilities Manager
A.S., University of New Hampshire Thompson School.

Dennis Rineer
Building Service Worker

Laura Provost
B.S., Granite State College.

James Astuto
Campus Safety and Security Supervisor
A.A., St. Petersburg College.

Jessica Hill

Angela Labonte
Assistant Director of Financial Aid
NH Police Standards and Training Council; A.S., White Mountains Community College.

Nicole Bourque
Director of Onboarding and Academic Success
Program Coordinator of Interdisciplinary Studies

B.S., Lyndon State College; M.S., University of Connecticut.

Christine Curry-Hemmings
Coordinator of Student Success Center Services
A.S., Newbury College; B.S., Emmanuel College; M.Ed., Saint Joseph's College.

Joseph Chase
Technical Support Specialist
B.S., Plymouth State University.

Tammy Vashaw
Information Technology Manager
A.S., White Mountains Community College.

Asemina Georgiadis
Welcome Center Assistant
B.A., Converse College.

Suzanne Smith
Welcome Center Assistant

Cynthia Pike
Director of Workforce Development and Academic Integration
B.S., Jacksonville State University; MSEd., Walden University.

Tamara Roberge
Coordinator of Workforce Development and Community Education
A.S., New Hampshire Community Technical College-Berlin.