Business Administration

Degrees and Certificates


BUS112W: Introduction to Business Administration

In Introduction to Business Administration, students learn about business fundamentals through real-world case studies, application-focused content, and examples that prepare them for the business program and workforce. Students learn the functions of modern business with an emphasis on how these functions interact in a shifting business landscape. Key topics include ethics, marketing, accounting and finance, the role of business, managing processes and operations, and the global economic and legal environment.

BUS114W: Introduction to Business Logic and Ethics

Introduction to Business Logic and Ethics uses logic and problem-solving strategies as they relate to various business applications to address ethical issues. Students systematically analyze case problems to gain a better understanding of the concepts involved in making business management decisions. Team debates on ethical issues require research and planning.

BUS201W: Introduction to Human Resources

While many tasks associate with human-resources management are centered in an organization's HR department, all managers have HR responsibilities. This course covers a broad range of topics associated with HR management, including those from the perspective of HR professionals, managers, and employees. The course also familiarizes students who hope to become managers or team leaders with strategies to deal with staffing issues.

BUS212W: Marketing

Marketing focuses on marketing theory and practice. Students learn about consumerism, pricing, motivation, and sales promotion. They write a marketing plan for a department at the College and implement parts of that plan.

BUS214W: Management and Teamwork

Management and Teamwork provides an active learning environment for students to explore management skills. They learn ways to develop self-awareness, build teams, solve problems, communicate supportively, motivate others, and manage conflict and stress. The course emphasizes the importance of human relations, positive attitude, success as team members, and sensitivity to workplace issues.

BUS215W: Business Law

Business Law covers the legal system as it relates to business, contracts, sales, property, commercial paper, agency and employment, partnerships and corporations, and risk-bearing devices.

BUS216W: Business Plan Development

Business Plan Development teaches students how to formulate and present a business plan. Students complete and present a comprehensive business plan that draws upon many themes learned throughout their degree.

BUS220W: Business Internship

In Business Internship, students secure a position with a local business for sixty hours where they observe and work with experienced managers, who in turn evaluate them. Through consensus, the student, the employer, and the instructor determine the required business competencies to be met.

COMP110W: Business Computer Applications

Business Computer Applications covers operating systems and a range of the most common applications in business and industry. It teaches intermediate to advanced skills in word-processing software, presentation software, and database creation and management, placing special emphasis on spreadsheet and data manipulation. The course also addresses the way these applications integrate with one another. Students explore other business applications and technologies, including collaboration, data storage, and content development.