Academic Onboarding and Advising

At the time of acceptance to WMCC, students begin the college onboarding process. The goal of onboarding is to successfully integrate students into the college community. WMCC enrollment specialists provide personalized attention to understand the needs of all students and help with their transition to the College. WMCC students are also assigned a faculty advisor who assists students throughout their educational experience. The advisors serve as mentors and critical points of contact during the students’ time at WMCC.

The Onboarding and Academic Advising team will guide current and prospective students throughout their journey at White Mountains Community College; helping them navigate the many opportunities for success provided them through academic and student support services. By utilizing a student-centered, holistic approach with careful attention to institutional policies and learning outcomes, we strive to create an individualized experience for each student, focused on their personal, academic, and future professional needs. 

Advisors assist students in identifying academic and personal resources on campus, in conducting graduation audits, and in selecting and choosing various program options. Advisors help students with decisions about career goals or further education. The more clearly students define and communicate their own goals, the more productive the student/advisor relationship is.

Each semester, advisors conduct degree audits with their advisees. The purpose of the audit is to identify the student’s progress toward program completion and to offer early intervention for schedule changes if students fail a course or if they take a course out of normal sequence. Ultimately, students are responsible for making sure they complete the required coursework for their program.