Academic Environment

The learning environment at WMCC encourages free and open discussion, inquiry, and expression. Students are evaluated based on their academic performance relative to course assessment methods, not based on their individual views.

Students are responsible for learning the content of any course of study, but in so doing, they have the right to oppose the views presented in class.

Students are held accountable to academic standards; to honest and timely completion of assigned work; to engaged participation in all class, laboratory, and clinical activities; and to a code of conduct that is appropriate and befitting, as well as conducive to learning.

At the beginning of each semester, instructors provide students with a syllabus that contains a description of the course, its prerequisites, its learning outcomes, the assessment methods, their respective percentages, special academic requirements and accommodations, and specific class participation and attendance policies. The syllabus includes a course timetable providing a schedule (generally on a weekly basis) indicating when various course topics are covered and when assignments are due. Copies of syllabi are available in the Academic Affairs Office.